Posted by: sisterhosea | March 1, 2011

Movie Day With Kids

Hey, parents! Ever think of having a film day with your children? It doesn’t have to be the latest film in the theater but can even be one they have seen before. I’m talking about “Meeting Jesus at the Movies.” Each month at the Pauline Center for Media Studies, we host this event. It’s not just having fun watching a movie but watching it and then talking about it in light of our faith. For this month, March 2011, we are using Cars, the 2006 film released by Disney Pixar. See the full schedule on the page at the head of this page.

First, we read a bit of Scripture that fits the theme of the movie. For Cars I choose Romans 12: 2-3. It’s all about not thinking more highly of yourself than you should because arrogance is what the main character in the film is dealing with.

Next, we watch the film and then talk about it. Here are some questions to think about and discuss:

Why do you think Lightning McQueen liked to work alone? How did he treat others at the beginning of the movie? Do you sometimes feel like you’re better than someone else?

Why do you think about the cars in Radiator Springs? Do they have any hope for the future when Lightning comes?

Even though he was famous, Lightning McQueen had to face the consequences of his action when he ruined the road. Do you sometimes do things without thinking about the consequences? What did you have to do to fix the situation?

When Lightning and Sally go for a drive, he asks her what a car like her is doing in a dump like Radiator Springs. Was Lightning impressed with her answer? How?

What happened to the cars in Radiator Springs when Lightning started fixing the road?

What does this movie say about community and helping each other?

Prayer: Jesus, help us to be always humble and put the needs and cares of others ahead of oursevles like you did. Amen.

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