Posted by: sisterhosea | October 15, 2010

The Social Network

Believe it or not, not everyone who spends a lot of their time on a computer spends time on Facebook. I found out early on that I can get addicted to the news feed from all those “friends,” many of whom I hardly know. So I decided on limited Facebook time. Now, I so rarely go on that I kick myself because my siblings almost exclusively use it to communicate and I get left out in the cold.

 The Social Network, about the origins of Facebook, is getting so much buzz and topping the box office two weeks in a row that I decided to go see it, thus ending my theater drought, the last movie I saw being Inception while I was on vacation in July.

 The Social Network tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) and how Facebook came to be. While attending Harvard, the computer whiz kid started linking Harvard’s many houses internal communication sites together, just as a joke. But when three friends at the elite Phoenix Club enlist Zuckerberg to help implement their idea, he hangs them out to dry.

Like the tagline of the movie says, “You don’t get to 5 million friends without making a few enemies,” Zuckerberg deserves the enemies he has through his own selfishness and pride. He’s brilliant, yes, but his treatment of his real life friends leaves something to be desired.

 The performances of The Social Network are okay, especially Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker, founder of Napster. He manages to charm his way into Zuckerberg’s good graces with suave insincerity.

 It’s fascinating to me to discover how some of the tools we use to communicate with one another came about. It’s just too bad that the story of Facebook is full of people out to make themselves number one. Zuckerman sure has, being one of the youngest billionaires in history. The hopeful part of me hopes that Zuckerberg isn’t as self-absorbed as the movie makes him out to be. I will probably never know. I just know that no one person needs that much money to live when there are so many in the world in need. What might you do if you had that much money? It’s worth a thought.

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