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My mind is still spinning from my experience of Inception, a film by The Dark Knight director, Christopher Nolan. I love it when films challenge me by bending the rules of normalcy and reality to truly make me think. It may not be your typical blockbuster fare, even though the visual effects are fantastic, but it deserves a place with other mind-benders like The Matrix trilogy.

 Leonardo DiCaprio is Tom Cobb, an expert extractor, one who shares another’s dreams to obtain information from the subconscious.  He’s also a father and widower, accused of killing his wife, and unable to return to the United States and his children.

 Saito (Ken Watanabe) hires Tom to do the opposite of extraction. The payment: a complication-free ticket home to his kids. But inception, the planting of an idea in a person’s subconscious, is considered impossible by his dream-sharing friends. He claims it’s possible. He’s even done it before.

 Psychologists, psychiatrists and anyone else who studies or works with people’s psyches, will be fascinated by this film. In order to do his job, Tom first has to get to know his subject, Robert Fisher (Cillian Murphy). He needs to understand why Robert thinks the way he does. If Tom is to plant an idea that Robert will act on, Robert has to believe it is his own. To achieve inception, Tom needs to delve deep into Robert’s subconscious dreams, three levels down, a dream within a dream, within a dream. Problem is Tom’s own subconscious keeps getting in the way.

 Leonardo DiCaprio, as Tom, delivers yet another gritty performance mixed with ethos, his only wish to be united to his children. Academy Award winner, Marion Cotillard and Academy Award nominee, Ellen Page are gripping as Tom’s wife and Ariadne, the architect of the dream.

 The business ethics of the film beg to be talked about. Saito wanted Robert to make a business decision that would benefit Saito’s energy company. Basic manipulation for profit. But what I was most intrigued with was how the dream-sharers chose what idea to plant. After bouncing some ideas around, Tom speaks up to say, “the positive idea overtakes the negative one every time.” The power of positive thinking may sound cliché but just think for a moment. If our choices came out of positive emotions and ideas rather than negative ones would it make a difference in our relationships, our endeavors, and our society?


  1. I saw this in July and actually did the post but never realized until now that it didn’t get published. Anyway, this is definitely worth seeing. It seems like the DVD will probably be released in early December. Be sure to catch it then.

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