Posted by: sisterhosea | July 1, 2010

Eclipse — The Twilight Saga Continues

Bella is depressed. That’s how I summed up New Moon when I saw it last year. And the whole movie felt depressed. Thankfully, Eclipse was a breath of fresh air into the Twilight Saga. My summary for this film: Bella discovers the truth about herself. Even though Bella (Kristen Stewart) is the cause of what happens in this story, it is the interplay between Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) that makes this movie, no matter whose team you’re on.

 Jacob comes to grips with his feelings for Bella and he’s sure that she has feeling for him, too. But she’s with Edward. One of the few funny scenes in the film is a confrontation between Edward and Jacob after Jacob has kissed Bella. Even she can’t break it up and it takes Charlie (Billy Burke) stepping in. The best in funny goes to Lautner’s delivery of the line “Well, I am hotter than you,” when he’s speaking to Edward.

 Too soon, however, Edward and Jacob need each other—to protect Bella. Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) is still on the loose seeking revenge for the killing of James. Knowing that Bella is too well protected to get to her alone, she starts to build an army of “newborns,” people who have only been made vampires recently.  When a vampire is newborn it is at its strongest and most vicious. With this army on the way to Forks, the Cullen’s realize they cannot protect Bella by themselves. The wolves of Jacob’s pack offer their help and an uneasy truce between vampire and wolf results.

 The Volturi are in town, too, aware of the new vampires. The deal struck with them by Edward in Italy to transform Bella into a vampire, is yet to be honored. He doesn’t want this for Bella even though she tells him over and over that she does. The scenes when Rosalie (Nikki Reed) and Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) tell Bella their stories are some of the most moving of the film. It explains why more than Edward are trying to talk Bella out of choosing immortality.

 As the Twilight Saga films progress through the story, their intensity heightens. One thing Eclipse loses from the book is the banter of the wolf pack, being able to hear each other’s thoughts and communicate without speaking. Overall, Eclipse is the best of the three so far. This film offers quite a bit of fodder for good conversation about all kinds of topics: marriage, relationships, enemies, making difficult choices, sacrifice, revenge, and mercy being just a few.

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